About Us

We are a very small operation located in Natchez, Mississippi. Because we are a small operation, this means that we can pay attention to details because we only produce a few animals a year and can focus on quality. We only have one product, and that is top quality, all natural, grass-fed and finished beef cattle. The benefits of grass fed meat far outweigh the small, added costs. When you buy cattle from us here at Oakridge Plantation and have it custom processed, you pay a lot less than even conventional beef.

Grass fed beef has 3-5 times as much vitamins and minerals, 1/5 as much cholesterol and 5 times the conjugated linoleic acid as conventional beef. Best of all, it has twice the real beef taste as conventional beef.

We dry age our grass fed beef for 14-31 days then vacuum package it to ensure longer shelf life. We custom cut every side of beef to your specification. That’s the way that meat in quality steak houses use to be done. When you do the math, it works out to around $6 to 7$ per pound of grass finished beef. You can’t get lean ground beef for much less than prime aged premium steaks.

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