Oak Ridge Plantation

Grass Fed Beef In Natchez Mississippi

This is our original barn that was built in the 1930's. We don't use it any more because we don't use square hay bales but in it's day it held 10'000 bales of hay in the loft.

We only have one product. That is top quality, all natural, grass fed and finished beef cattle. The

benefits of grass fed meat by far outweigh the small added costs and when you buy cattle from us and have it custom processed you pay a lot less than even conventional beef.

We are currently taking orders for the 2016 steer crop. We only have 12 left. Most get sold before we advertise. We are pleased to announce that we just obtained our USDA Grass Fed Certification and are now processing our steers at a  USDA inspected facility that will allow us to market our product in smaller quantities than we were able to before. Update !!!!  We have also obtained our USDA approval for Grass Fed Labeling and have USDA inspected product for delivery.

Know your beef. We are a very small operation that can pay attention to details because we only produce a few animals a year and can focus on quality.